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Knowledge Quest-HSBC Scholarship Recipients

HSBC Bermuda announced the recipients of the Knowledge Quest-HSBC Scholarship, with Cashun Brangman, Lashuntae Dill-Assing, Deja Grant, Messiah Greaves, Solomon Pearman, and Davondra Sealey all receiving scholarships.

A spokesperson said, “In 2020, HSBC Bermuda [HSBC] has recommitted its partnership with the Knowledge Quest charity, providing 6 additional students with scholarships as they work towards completing their university education abroad.

Knowledge Quest-HSBC Scholarship Recipients Bermuda Oct 2020
Lashuntae Dill-Assing, Cashun Brangman, Deja Grant, Davondra Sealey, Solomon Pearman, and Messiah Greaves

“The 6 deserving students are: Cashun Brangman [Mechanical Engineering Technology, Seneca College]; Lashuntae Dill-Assing [BSc in Nursing, Delaware State University]; Deja Grant [BA Criminology and Psychology, University of West London]; Messiah Greaves [LLB, University of West England]; Solomon Pearman [Software Engineering, Solent University] and Davondra Sealey [Information Technology, Purdue University].

Scholarship recipient Lashuntae Dill-Assing shared, “Receiving the scholarship means that I am now financially positioned to further my education. It means that I am that much closer to realizing my dream career in Nursing. This gives me hope that I can one day share with others just how sponsors have contributed to my future.”

Cashun Brangman also added what the scholarship means to him, “I would like to thank Knowledge Quest and HSBC for giving me this opportunity. This has really changed my life and given me hope. This scholarship has also allowed me to focus more on school instead of worrying about where my next payment is coming from and will help me achieve a lifelong goal. Again, I want to thank all the donors who help young Bermudians like me further our education. One day I hope I can be in a position to return the favour and help other young Bermudians to achieve their goals.

Speaking on behalf of Knowledge Quest Ltd., Co-President Kathy Lines expressed her gratitude, “Thanks to HSBC’s generous donation to Knowledge Quest, the students will be able to realize their dreams of being the first in their families to obtain a university education abroad. Knowledge Quest’s mission is to provide financial assistance to bright, eager Bermudian students who want to obtain a college/university degree to better their lives. Since 2002, we have been able to help over 220 Bermudian students obtain a university education. HSBC’s commitment to advance the education of deserving Bermudians is a ‘win-win’ for all – the students, their families, future employers and the community in which we all live together.”

Tanya Bule, Head of Wealth Personal Banking and HSBC Executive Sponsor of the partnership shared, “All young people should be afforded the opportunity for higher learning which is why supporting educational initiatives such as this is of the utmost importance. Education is the very foundation to a thriving community as it empowers individuals to enhance their skill sets and employability, while working towards realising their potential. On behalf of HSBC, congratulations to these eager and charismatic individuals as they progress through their academic year.”

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KFC Donates Over $5,000 To Knowledge Quest

Following a very successful 5th consecutive ‘Halloween Treat Voucher’ Campaign, KFC announced that they raised $5,058 in support of Knowledge Quest, after another year of selling treat voucher booklets at their Queen Street, Hamilton location.

Knowledge Quest has provided approximately 220 college and university scholarships to Bermudians of limited financial means since its formation in 2002, so KFC was excited to handover a sizable cheque to help the charity, its initiatives and those who need financial assistance.

For only two dollars, packets of 5 vouchers were available from KFC to redeem for KFC product with retail value up to $12.25. Each voucher allows a child aged 12 or under to redeem it and receive either an apple turnover, one order of French fries or a chocolate chip cookie. All vouchers are valid until January 31st, 2020 at KFC’s Hamilton location.

KFC Bermuda November 2019
Eneye Jatto and Cynthia Cox [Knowledge Quest] and Ginene Haslam [KFC]

Ms. Cynthia Cox, Director at Knowledge Quest said, “We were delighted that KFC decided to partner with us in this year’s Halloween fundraising initiative. For those who did not know who we are, or what we do, this campaign was a great opportunity to get our message out to Bermuda’s youth; that there are needs-based scholarships available to those who do well in high school”.

Ms. Cox continued, “We are very grateful to KFC, and everyone who purchased a voucher booklet. Knowledge Quest is a fully volunteer-operated charity with every dollar raised going toward scholarship grants. On behalf of everyone at Knowledge Quest, we ‘Thank You’ for doing the right thing and funding college/university education for Bermudians with legitimate financial need.”

Ms. Ginene Haslam, General Manager of KFC, says: “We would like to thank our customers for supporting this campaign. We are very happy to have raised $5,058, and I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the two [2] top fundraisers: Tashay Minks and Kelly Tweed. We know how challenging fundraising can be for local Charities, so being able to help their local programmes and initiatives with this contribution is rewarding”.

Should you want to find out more about Knowledge Quest and its initiatives, please feel free to contact Ms. Cynthia Cox at and visit the site made and funded by graduates at

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Argus Donates $17,000 To Knowledge Quest

The Argus Group has donated $17,000 to scholarship charity, Knowledge Quest, to fund higher education for Bermudians.

The funds for the Knowledge Quest donation were generated by the sale of shares held in a trust in the name of John Sainsbury, a former Chief Executive Officer of The Argus Group, for the benefit of scholarships.

 Eneye Jatto [Director + former Knowledge Quest student], Cynthia Cox [Director of Knowledge Quest] and Joel Schaefer, Chair of the Argus Charitable Donations Committee.

The donation will contribute towards the 2018-19 scholarship recipients, who have not yet been selected. There are expected to be between 10 and 12 recipients who will benefit this year.

Founded in 2002, Knowledge Quest is a registered charity that provides scholarships for Bermudians to study at universities overseas as well as mentorships to empower scholarship recipients to make the most of their scholarships.

It is a ‘last resort’ scholarship fund, helping students who have been unsuccessful in obtaining full scholarships or have had funding fall through. The charity has provided scholarships to more than 150 Bermudians and spent in excess of $3 million since its inception.

Joel Schaefer, Chair of the Argus Charitable Donations Committee, says: “We are delighted to be able to support Knowledge Quest in its mission to make overseas education affordable to Bermudians. Further education increases knowledge, earnings potential and discipline and we are pleased to support this opportunity for Bermudians.”

Cynthia Cox, Director of Knowledge Quest, says: “It is only with the support of donors such as Argus that we are able to provide the support to Bermudians who want to study overseas, so we are very grateful to them.

“At Knowledge Quest, we pride ourselves on having minimal overhead expenses and all funds are paid directly to the students’ academic institutions, ensuring that all donations go straight towards students’ tuition.”

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Knowledge Quest-HSBC Scholarship Graduates

In 2014, HSBC Bermuda, in celebration of HSBC‘s 10th Anniversary in Bermuda, donated a total of $250,000 to Knowledge Quest Ltd, a registered college/university scholarship charity.

HSBC’s donation funded scholarships that were to run over the course of 5 years to 6 students who had secured college or university placements and had demonstrated financial need.

Knowledge Quest-HSBC Scholarship Bermuda Sept 2017 (1)
From left to right: 2014 Knowledge Quest-HSBC Scholarship graduates Jecar Chapman, Kiara Wilkinson and Crystal Dill lend support to the newest cohort of recipients Taja’mes Branch, Jahfari Tucker and Azari Thomas as they work towards completing their higher education

In 2014, three-year HSBC-Knowledge Quest Scholarships were awarded to the first cohort of recipients: Jecar Chapman [Pre Med/Molecular Biology, Dalhousie University, Canada], Crystal Dill [Psychology, Kean University, United States] and Kiara Wilkinson [Law, Kingston University, United Kingdom] who since have either completed their degrees or are very near to doing so.

In 2017, Knowledge Quest and HSBC identified the second and final group of future HSBC Scholars. Funding in the amount of $100,000 for two year scholarships will be allocated between three deserving recipients as they strive to complete the final years of their degree programmes. Awardees selected were Taja’mes Branch [Kinesiology, Dalhousie University, Canada], Jahfari Tucker [Business/Accounting, Dalhousie, Canada] and Azari Thomas [Economics, University of Virginia].

Knowledge Quest-HSBC Scholarship Bermuda Sept 2017 (2)
From left to right: HSBC Executives support newest graduates and recipients of the Knowledge Quest-HSBC Scholarship. Kiara Wilkinson – 2014 scholarship recipient; Julia Saltus – HSBC Bermuda, Senior Legal Counsel [mentor to Kiara]; Mike Walker – HSBC Bermuda, Head of Wholesale Banking; Jecar Chapman – 2014 scholarship recipient; Katie Butterworth – HSBC Bermuda, Chief Risk Officer; Crystal Dill – 2014 scholarship recipient; Mark Watkinson – HSBC Bermuda, CEO; Phil Alvey – HSBC Bermuda, Chief Financial Officer; Taja’mes Branch – 2017 scholarship recipient; Jahfari Tucker – 2017 scholarship recipient; Azari Thomas – 2017 scholarship recipient; Joanna Saldok – HSBC Bermuda, Chief Operating Officer; Jane Estey; HSBC Bermuda, Head of FCC Transformation and Kathy Lines, Knowledge Quest

Kathy Lines, Co-President of Knowledge Quest Ltd. stated “Thanks to HSBC’s generous donation to Knowledge Quest, six Bermudians in need of financial support will be able to realize their dreams of obtaining a university education abroad. Knowledge Quest’s mission is to provide financial assistance to bright, eager Bermudian students who want to obtain a college/university degree to better their lives.

“Since 2002, we have been able to help over 155 Bermudian students obtain a university education. We are so grateful to HSBC for its generous donation of $250,000 spanning five years and for supplying a mentor to each of the HSBC-named scholars. HSBC’s commitment to advance the education of deserving Bermudians is a ‘win-win’ for all – the students, their families, future employers and the community in which we all live together.”

HSBC CEO, Mark Watkinson, shared, “Education is the foundation to a prosperous community. It enables an individual to realise their ultimate potential, enhance their skills set and employability while working towards becoming productive members of our society.

“All young people should be afforded the opportunity for higher learning which is why at HSBC we recognise the importance of supporting educational initiatives such as this. We are pleased to have partnered with Knowledge Quest Ltd. in identifying these motivated, eager and charismatic individuals as HSBC’s newest scholars.”

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Knowledge Quest Receives $5,000 Donation

Marsh and Guy Carpenter have made a $5,000 donation to Knowledge Quest, which will help Knowledge Quest in its mission to provide scholarships for academically capable Bermudians in need of financial assistance.

Knowledge Quest’s scholarships provide students with funding for college or university abroad.

Knowledge Quest Bermuda Jan 9 2017
Marsh’s Laura Norman; Cynthia Cox, Director, Knowledge Quest; and Marsh’s Jahan Cedenio

“There are so many academically talented Bermudian students who need financial aid to continue their education,” said Cynthia Cox, Director, Knowledge Quest.

“It is for this reason that Knowledge Quest was started and over the past 15 years, we have relied on the generous contributions of donors, like Marsh and Guy Carpenter, to ensure the students receive the education they deserve.

“We provide scholarships of last resort, so that after other opportunities for funding fall through or are inadequate, Knowledge Quest steps in to enable deserving Bermudians to pursue and complete their education. On behalf of the students we serve, I would like to thank Marsh and Guy Carpenter for their donation.”

Knowledge Quest was founded in 2002 and has helped more than 160 people. Every year, approximately 12 new scholarships are awarded and in any given year, about 35 scholarships are paid for.

“Everyone should have access to a tertiary education,” said Jill Husbands, Country Corporate Officer of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Bermuda and Chairman of MMC’s Bermuda Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.

“We applaud Knowledge Quest for helping so many capable Bermudians to fund higher education and it’s our honour to support them in this mission.”

Students interested in applying for a scholarship can apply online at here before April 30, 2017. For more information about Knowledge Quest, visit

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Knowledge Quest Holds Semi-Annual Party

Knowledge Quest Ltd, a scholarship provider since 2002, held its semi-annual party at Bacardi headquarters on 65 Pitts Bay Road on Monday, July 11.

A spokesperson said, “Attending the party were approximately 60 people comprising current scholarship recipients, graduates, donors, directors, mentors, and volunteers. Bacardi HR Head Alana Rogers stated to the crowd that Bacardi have hosted the party and donated to Knowledge Quest since 2003 and were proud of their consistent and active role with the charity.

Knowledge Quest 15th Year (1)

“Knowledge Quest Director Fiona Luck then spoke and stated that Knowledge Quest has spent $4.2 million since inception on last resort scholarships for Bermudians who are academically capable but of limited financial means.

“She added that it is an excellent investment for donors since the organisation is one-of-a-kind or close to it as it is all volunteer and all donor funding is applied to the scholarships with no overhead expenses as confirmed by PWC audits – which are donated.”

Knowledge Quest 15th Year (2)

“She thanked the many donors as well as the charity’s directors for their foresight and generosity.

“Fellow director and past KQ scholarship recipient Kerry Fletcher then spoke to the group and stated that after earning a BSc degree in Computing Technology from the University of Newcastle from 2006-2009, she volunteered for Knowledge Quest which eventually led to a directorship.”

Knowledge Quest 15th Year (3)

“She described the recent implementation of Microsoft 365 which is free to charities and which has enhanced efficiency, enabled information sharing and eliminated silos of information, all on the Cloud with frequent backups.

“Three current students shared their individual stories with the group, including Asha Bicarie [IT at Western University in Canada], Antrell Butterfield [English Language and Literature Teacher Training at Aston University in the UK] and Jecar Chapman [Medicine at Dalhousie University in Canada].”

Knowledge Quest 15th Year (4)

“The students all thanked the donors and encouraged further giving to help as many students as possible.

“For more information, see, which is designed and maintained by graduates.”

Knowledge Quest 15th Year (5)

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Fiona Luck Joins Knowledge Quest Board

The scholarship charity Knowledge Quest recently held its annual summer party at Bacardi headquarters on Pitts Bay Road. Gathered together were current scholarship recipients, graduates, donors, volunteers and directors.

Bacardi HR Director Alana Rogers took the lectern and stated that this is one of her favorite events of the year and that Bacardi has hosted either the Christmas or summer parties for the past 10 years and has been a donor for the past 11 years.

Co-President Kathy Lines congratulated Bacardi on its 50th anniversary, thanked them for their long-term support which enabled Knowledge Quest to make multi-year pledges that were critical to its operation. She introduced Fiona Luck as director who joined in 2015 and thanked her for her significant contributions in the areas of strategic planning and fund-raising.

Past Chief of Staff of XL Capital and currently a Director of the Bermuda Monetary Authority and a Trustee of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Ms. Luck stated that she found Knowledge Quest a particularly inspiring educational charity.

She stated that the model of allocating all donor funds to the scholarships with no overhead expense is very rare and that donors consequently were enthusiastic about the high level of efficiency and effectiveness with scholarship recipients.

KQrelease_merge Aug 28 2015

Co-President Cynthia Cox stated that Knowledge Quest has spent $3.1 million since inception on scholarships with the only other expense being bank charges which totaled $34,000 over the past 13 years. She thanked PWC for donating the annual audit.

She noted that the Green Family worked in conjunction with Knowledge Quest and had donated an additional $1 million towards scholarships. Scholarships are intended to provide last resort support to Bermudians of limited financial means.

Knowledge Quest scholarships are awarded last after all other scholarships to ensure that only those in need will receive required funding.

Director Eneye Jatto thanked the charity’s volunteers and encouraged more graduates to volunteer for KQ and elsewhere in Bermuda.

Director Kerry Fletcher introduced current student Jennifer Chisnall [2014] and graduates Shannon Swan [2008] and Jecoa Tucker [2007] who spoke to the gathering about their individual stories while long-time Directors Gigi Barit [Secretary] and Ricky Lines [Treasurer] also were in attendance.

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Knowledge Quest’s “Giving Back” Summer Party

With over 50 students and graduates, as well as donors and mentors in attendance, Knowledge Quest Ltd., welcomed two of its recent graduates as new Directors who addressed the “Giving Back” summer party hosted by long time sponsor Bacardi Limited at their world headquarters on Pitts Bay Road.


The Directors, Donors, Graduates and Students listened as Eneye Jatto and Kerry Fletcher hosted the bi-annual student, donor and mentor celebration. Mr. Jatto and Ms. Kerry are the first graduates of the eleven-year old Knowledge Quest charity to be appointed as Directors.

Co-President Kathy Lines stated “This is a very big day for our charity especially as two of our outstanding graduates were this week able to stand in front of their peers and be able to say that with the help of Knowledge Quest that they were now in a position to give back as Directors to the charity that helped them achieve their university educational goal. Both had already invested 6 years of their time supporting Knowledge Quest upon graduation from college.”


Also featured at the celebration were several proud 2013 graduates as well as former graduates Zuri Darrell and Travis Stevens who also spoke on the theme of “giving back” telling of their personal experiences as mentors for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Bermuda and Knowledge Quest and KPMG, respectively.

Knowledge Quest Ltd. is a Bermuda registered financial needs-based college education scholarship charity started by five friends in 2002. To date, donations by forward thinking institutions and individual donors have enabled roughly 135 students to attend college and university abroad. Eligible applicants must apply to at least 5 other scholarships besides Knowledge Quest, submit a biographical essay and provide evidence of their financial need. All donations received are directed toward a student’s university costs. To date, the charity has helped students realize their aspirations to graduate as doctors, lawyers, architects, IT technicians, teachers, health workers, business majors, criminologists, social workers and a host of other professions.

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Big Brothers & Big Sisters Lunch and Learn

Many Knowledge Quest graduates express interest in giving back to the community and several have volunteered and provided invaluable support to KQ. As directors realized that Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Bermuda/BBBS has ongoing need for mentors, they contacted Big Brothers and scheduled a Lunch and Learn on June 15th in Hamilton for KQ graduates and friends.


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