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Knowledge Quest’s “Giving Back” Summer Party

With over 50 students and graduates, as well as donors and mentors in attendance, Knowledge Quest Ltd., welcomed two of its recent graduates as new Directors who addressed the “Giving Back” summer party hosted by long time sponsor Bacardi Limited at their world headquarters on Pitts Bay Road.


The Directors, Donors, Graduates and Students listened as Eneye Jatto and Kerry Fletcher hosted the bi-annual student, donor and mentor celebration. Mr. Jatto and Ms. Kerry are the first graduates of the eleven-year old Knowledge Quest charity to be appointed as Directors.

Co-President Kathy Lines stated “This is a very big day for our charity especially as two of our outstanding graduates were this week able to stand in front of their peers and be able to say that with the help of Knowledge Quest that they were now in a position to give back as Directors to the charity that helped them achieve their university educational goal. Both had already invested 6 years of their time supporting Knowledge Quest upon graduation from college.”


Also featured at the celebration were several proud 2013 graduates as well as former graduates Zuri Darrell and Travis Stevens who also spoke on the theme of “giving back” telling of their personal experiences as mentors for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Bermuda and Knowledge Quest and KPMG, respectively.

Knowledge Quest Ltd. is a Bermuda registered financial needs-based college education scholarship charity started by five friends in 2002. To date, donations by forward thinking institutions and individual donors have enabled roughly 135 students to attend college and university abroad. Eligible applicants must apply to at least 5 other scholarships besides Knowledge Quest, submit a biographical essay and provide evidence of their financial need. All donations received are directed toward a student’s university costs. To date, the charity has helped students realize their aspirations to graduate as doctors, lawyers, architects, IT technicians, teachers, health workers, business majors, criminologists, social workers and a host of other professions.

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