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Knowledge Quest Slip Program

Dear Friends,

Following on from my conversations with you about Knowledge Quest I wanted to share some more information about this amazing group and invite you to become part of the story.

Ten years ago five very close Bermudians sat around a dinning table contemplating how to help the youth of Bermuda. Most of these conversations never amount to anything but this was a different group and this is a different story. The five friends learned that many academically capable students were unable to obtain scholarships or pay for college/ university degrees. These young people typically came from single parent homes where thy needed to work to contribute to the household along with their parent, often their mother, working at two or three jobs.

KQ was born and the five committed to fund a 4-year scholarship between them.

I was asked to come and spend time with the team and look at the possibilities for the next 10 years.

What struck me was how robust the business model was. There are no overheads as the original 5 directors along with some very dedicated volunteers including graduates do all the administration. KQ has been very successful in attracting mentors which are allocated to each student for the course of their studies-the only thing that is missing is YOU- another group of 5 or 10 friends to commit to a worthy scholarship candidate.

We have designed a “slip” much as subscription placement works in the Insurance Industry – the lead subscriber takes responsibility for filling out the slip which is a % commitment of $25,000 spread say among 5 or 10 friends. The lead subscriber is also responsible for following up on funds each year. The rest-interviewing candidates and all the administration is done. You will be introduced to your “student” and it would be even better if one of more of you were willing to become a mentor to your scholarship recipient.

I think this is a wonderful way to feel directly connected to the commitment you are making. All of us have been lucky in our pasts where someone gave us a chance – wouldn’t it be great to pay it forward and do for someone else.

Please watch the video to the right, which provides insight into the KQ mission and goals.

Speak Soon

Fiona xxxx