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Knowledge Quest-HSBC Scholarship Recipients

HSBC Bermuda announced the recipients of the Knowledge Quest-HSBC Scholarship, with Cashun Brangman, Lashuntae Dill-Assing, Deja Grant, Messiah Greaves, Solomon Pearman, and Davondra Sealey all receiving scholarships.

A spokesperson said, “In 2020, HSBC Bermuda [HSBC] has recommitted its partnership with the Knowledge Quest charity, providing 6 additional students with scholarships as they work towards completing their university education abroad.

Knowledge Quest-HSBC Scholarship Recipients Bermuda Oct 2020
Lashuntae Dill-Assing, Cashun Brangman, Deja Grant, Davondra Sealey, Solomon Pearman, and Messiah Greaves

“The 6 deserving students are: Cashun Brangman [Mechanical Engineering Technology, Seneca College]; Lashuntae Dill-Assing [BSc in Nursing, Delaware State University]; Deja Grant [BA Criminology and Psychology, University of West London]; Messiah Greaves [LLB, University of West England]; Solomon Pearman [Software Engineering, Solent University] and Davondra Sealey [Information Technology, Purdue University].

Scholarship recipient Lashuntae Dill-Assing shared, “Receiving the scholarship means that I am now financially positioned to further my education. It means that I am that much closer to realizing my dream career in Nursing. This gives me hope that I can one day share with others just how sponsors have contributed to my future.”

Cashun Brangman also added what the scholarship means to him, “I would like to thank Knowledge Quest and HSBC for giving me this opportunity. This has really changed my life and given me hope. This scholarship has also allowed me to focus more on school instead of worrying about where my next payment is coming from and will help me achieve a lifelong goal. Again, I want to thank all the donors who help young Bermudians like me further our education. One day I hope I can be in a position to return the favour and help other young Bermudians to achieve their goals.

Speaking on behalf of Knowledge Quest Ltd., Co-President Kathy Lines expressed her gratitude, “Thanks to HSBC’s generous donation to Knowledge Quest, the students will be able to realize their dreams of being the first in their families to obtain a university education abroad. Knowledge Quest’s mission is to provide financial assistance to bright, eager Bermudian students who want to obtain a college/university degree to better their lives. Since 2002, we have been able to help over 220 Bermudian students obtain a university education. HSBC’s commitment to advance the education of deserving Bermudians is a ‘win-win’ for all – the students, their families, future employers and the community in which we all live together.”

Tanya Bule, Head of Wealth Personal Banking and HSBC Executive Sponsor of the partnership shared, “All young people should be afforded the opportunity for higher learning which is why supporting educational initiatives such as this is of the utmost importance. Education is the very foundation to a thriving community as it empowers individuals to enhance their skill sets and employability, while working towards realising their potential. On behalf of HSBC, congratulations to these eager and charismatic individuals as they progress through their academic year.”

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