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Knowledge Quest-HSBC Scholarship Graduates

In 2014, HSBC Bermuda, in celebration of HSBC‘s 10th Anniversary in Bermuda, donated a total of $250,000 to Knowledge Quest Ltd, a registered college/university scholarship charity.

HSBC’s donation funded scholarships that were to run over the course of 5 years to 6 students who had secured college or university placements and had demonstrated financial need.

Knowledge Quest-HSBC Scholarship Bermuda Sept 2017 (1)
From left to right: 2014 Knowledge Quest-HSBC Scholarship graduates Jecar Chapman, Kiara Wilkinson and Crystal Dill lend support to the newest cohort of recipients Taja’mes Branch, Jahfari Tucker and Azari Thomas as they work towards completing their higher education

In 2014, three-year HSBC-Knowledge Quest Scholarships were awarded to the first cohort of recipients: Jecar Chapman [Pre Med/Molecular Biology, Dalhousie University, Canada], Crystal Dill [Psychology, Kean University, United States] and Kiara Wilkinson [Law, Kingston University, United Kingdom] who since have either completed their degrees or are very near to doing so.

In 2017, Knowledge Quest and HSBC identified the second and final group of future HSBC Scholars. Funding in the amount of $100,000 for two year scholarships will be allocated between three deserving recipients as they strive to complete the final years of their degree programmes. Awardees selected were Taja’mes Branch [Kinesiology, Dalhousie University, Canada], Jahfari Tucker [Business/Accounting, Dalhousie, Canada] and Azari Thomas [Economics, University of Virginia].

Knowledge Quest-HSBC Scholarship Bermuda Sept 2017 (2)
From left to right: HSBC Executives support newest graduates and recipients of the Knowledge Quest-HSBC Scholarship. Kiara Wilkinson – 2014 scholarship recipient; Julia Saltus – HSBC Bermuda, Senior Legal Counsel [mentor to Kiara]; Mike Walker – HSBC Bermuda, Head of Wholesale Banking; Jecar Chapman – 2014 scholarship recipient; Katie Butterworth – HSBC Bermuda, Chief Risk Officer; Crystal Dill – 2014 scholarship recipient; Mark Watkinson – HSBC Bermuda, CEO; Phil Alvey – HSBC Bermuda, Chief Financial Officer; Taja’mes Branch – 2017 scholarship recipient; Jahfari Tucker – 2017 scholarship recipient; Azari Thomas – 2017 scholarship recipient; Joanna Saldok – HSBC Bermuda, Chief Operating Officer; Jane Estey; HSBC Bermuda, Head of FCC Transformation and Kathy Lines, Knowledge Quest

Kathy Lines, Co-President of Knowledge Quest Ltd. stated “Thanks to HSBC’s generous donation to Knowledge Quest, six Bermudians in need of financial support will be able to realize their dreams of obtaining a university education abroad. Knowledge Quest’s mission is to provide financial assistance to bright, eager Bermudian students who want to obtain a college/university degree to better their lives.

“Since 2002, we have been able to help over 155 Bermudian students obtain a university education. We are so grateful to HSBC for its generous donation of $250,000 spanning five years and for supplying a mentor to each of the HSBC-named scholars. HSBC’s commitment to advance the education of deserving Bermudians is a ‘win-win’ for all – the students, their families, future employers and the community in which we all live together.”

HSBC CEO, Mark Watkinson, shared, “Education is the foundation to a prosperous community. It enables an individual to realise their ultimate potential, enhance their skills set and employability while working towards becoming productive members of our society.

“All young people should be afforded the opportunity for higher learning which is why at HSBC we recognise the importance of supporting educational initiatives such as this. We are pleased to have partnered with Knowledge Quest Ltd. in identifying these motivated, eager and charismatic individuals as HSBC’s newest scholars.”

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