Knowledge Quest Ltd

Tribute To Alan R. Titus


Knowledge Quest Director 2006-2012

Alan Titus was a truly exceptional person. We at Knowledge Quest were fortunate to work
with him during the past six years. In this very short time, Alan made a meaningful difference in
Bermuda. He had a profound effect on three well-known Bermuda charities, Knowledge Quest,
Big Brothers and Centre on Talented Youth, and on everyone who knew him.

When Alan came to Bermuda, he had recently retired from a successful 35 year career with
DuPont Inc, where he was a respected senior executive who worked and lived in Europe
and the U.S. Alan was also an experienced volunteer and board member for his alma mater
Bowdoin College where he was an active fundraiser, established a scholarship fund and was
involved in minority student recruitment.

Alan decided to devote his retirement to the two causes he cared about most: education and
the environment. He became Knowledge Quest’s Director of Development, a perfect fit for
the charity. In 2005, Knowledge Quest was in its fourth year. It was in need of fundraising
assistance from capable volunteers, for the number of scholarship applicants had grown year
after year. Little did the directors know how capable Alan would be. Not only was he highly
effective, he was energetic and enthusiastic. He brought in additional private and corporate
funds that enabled even more students to realize their dream of earning a respected college

He focused his efforts on attracting new donors and ensuring that existing donors continued
to give. Although he divided his time among his family, charitable work, and travels, what he
accomplished at Knowledge Quest would be equivalent to full-time work for many people. In
large part because of Alan’s successful fundraising, Knowledge Quest has been able to provide
scholarships to more than 140 students to date. It was Alan who always championed helping
as many students as possible, stretching the resources of the all-volunteer charity without
sacrificing the personal attention to students that helped make the charity a success. Alan
always felt driven to help as many Bermudians as possible, a departure from many other
scholarship charities. By providing needed assistance to so many students, Alan contributed
mightily not only to their futures but to the future of Bermuda as well.