Knowledge Quest Ltd

Our Values



We currently are enabling 43 Bermudian students, of all ages, to earn university degrees in the U.S., Canada, England and Scotland. Fields of study range from business administration to health care to environmental studies.

Bermuda College

We work closely with Bermuda College for candidate recommendations. We do so because those with 1 or 2 year Bermuda College degrees already have demonstrated ability and drive and therefore, we believe, will tend to have a strong chance of success. Moreover, because the students are sometimes able to transfer credits to their university, our overall financial commitment is reduced, thereby enabling us to help more students. We also work with the private and public high schools.

NO Expense, NO Overhead

Knowledge Quest incurs no overhead expenses except for bank charges. All funding is sent directly to the universities, rather than to the students.

Financial Need

We screen students to determine whether they are unable to pay for studies abroad. Students must apply to at least five other scholarships, since Knowledge Quest is meant to be a scholarship of last resort.

While student profiles vary, the typical student who is offered a scholarship has finished a two-year course at Bermuda College, earned B grades, was ineligible for certain scholarships, and was not awarded others. During the school year, he/she worked one job for 20 hours per week and contributed towards family expenses. The workload encroached upon study time, so straight A’s were elusive; and because paychecks were used for room, board, and tuition, savings for further studies were inadequate.

Providing education to those who need it most and will benefit most is the vision of Knowledge Quest. Our goal is to attract important investors so that we can continue to make a difference to many deserving individuals.