Knowledge Quest Ltd

2008 Scholarship Recipients

  • Romeika Brangman

    Romeika Brangman
    Bachelor of Applied Arts – Child & Youth Study

  • Terence Daniels

    Terence Daniels
    Business Administration

  • Gordon Fubler

    Gordon Fubler

  • Omar Lodge

    Omar Lodge
    Bachelor of Commerce in Global Business Management

  • Sharneil Paynter

    Sharneil Paynter
    Graphic Design

  • Tiffany Paynter

    Tiffany Paynter

  • Nicole Simons

    Nicole Simons
    BFA in Advertising Design

  • Travis Stevens

    Travis Stevens
    Risk Management & Insurance

  • Shannan Swan

    Shannan Swan
    BBA in Managerial Science, Minor in Risk Management & Insurance

  • Tiffany Trott

    Tiffany Trott
    BA in Sociology, Minor in Psychology