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Mentor Programme



We are firmly of the belief that the Mentor/Mentee relationship is crucial/vital in the student’s academic and personal success. Staying in regular contact with the Mentor that the student is assigned to, is something that all KQ students are contractually obligated to do over the course of their study programme. All Mentors and those returning students from Overseas are always invited to the KQ Winter and Summer Events that are held every year where we personally thank all the Donors and the Mentors for their financial contributions and the time that they invest in each one of our students.

We strive to place the mentee together with a mentor who is usually another professional person in the Bermuda Community who has pursued a similar field of study and is currently engaged in that profession. Over time, the Mentor and the Mentee develop a structured and trusting relationship. The role of the Mentor is to assist the mentee to discover where it is they want to go and how they plan on getting there. Together they will find positive and effective ways for the Mentee to complete their course of study, while at the same time striving to get a study/life balance to help them to grow and develop academically, personally and professionally.

The criteria for the role that the Mentor will play in the Mentee’s life are firmly laid down and a copy of this is available to those who are interested in becoming a Mentor. These guidelines are also useful at the initial meeting between both parties to ensure that both are fully aware of their responsibilities and what exactly the role entails.

With many of KQ students being the first in their family to attend University, Mentors also help with questions on University life and accommodation. Over the years, we have grown into a large network of graduates from a range of Universities and countries that can provide student’s with the information they need when settling into their school.

The mentor-mentee relationship has been helpful to many students, some of whom state that it is the most valuable aspect of their scholarships. The mentoring programme is now a fundamental part of Knowledge Quest scholarships.

How to become a Mentor


Please contact us via email at if you have further questions about the mentoring program me and/or would like to become a mentor yourself.